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Basics of Looking After Your Natural Type 4 Hair. The Must-Do Things to Take Care of Your Natural Hair.

Caring for your natural hair is not easy especially if you do not know what to do.
Multiple online channels are sharing how to grow your hair overnight, how to do the maximum hydration and so much more. After a time, the influx of information becomes overwhelming to even start and continue. You need to know the basics of your natural hair care. You do not need 10 steps with 10 different products, you only need these 4.
Here are the 4 basics steps to follow to care for your natural hair:
 Cleanse and condition weekly: -
After a week of using multiple products, your scalp, and hair is prone to product build-up. This will cause clogged pores as well as make it harder for your hair to absorb more moisture. So, you need to cleanse the scalp and hair to start fresh using a sulfate-free shampoo. Next, after cleansing, you have stripped the hair of its moisture. And so, you need to replenish using a deep conditioner. Deep conditioners are reparative treatments that will hydrate, strengthen, and nourish all of your hair strands. Your hair has been consistently styled, played in, as well as rubbing against your clothes or random objects. It is having been through a lot, so it needs a little TLC which deep conditioners provide. They are formulated with a variety of nutrients needed to bring your curls to an optimally healthy condition.
Moisture and seal weekly: -
Our natural hair is ‘naturally’ dry because the sebum from our scalp is not able to travel to our ends. So, it needs to be moisturized and sealed every week. Firstly, you would moisturize so that that hair can absorb as much as possible. Water is the best moisturizer, so it is best to use a spray bottle with h20or a water-based moisturizer. After moisturizing, you need to ensure that the moisture stays in the hair until the next wash day. The best sealants are oils and butter/creams for natural hair. After you apply either, it will trap the h20 molecules on the hair strand. Therefore, the moisture has no way of escaping the hair. And as such, by day 2 or 3, your kinks should still be intact. Once your hair is moisturized it solves a lot of hair problems such as breakage, single strand knots, tangles, split ends, and failed hairstyles.
Wear low-manipulation hairstyles: -
The rule of thumb is to wear low-manipulation hairstyles as they require little to no maintenance. We all have busy lives which do not allow us to tend to our curls every day. As well as some of us would rather set it and forget it for a couple of days. The best way t do so is by wearing low-manipulation hairstyles. Examples of these styles are braid outs, twist-outs, buns, puffs, wash-and-go, and ponytails. They require little touch-ups during the week. You may just have to retouch your edges if you are wearing a bun, wash and go, and ponytail. Or you can place worn-out braid and twists outs in a quick bun on Friday just to get through the workday.
Massaging Your scalp:
We all want to grow our hair as long as Rapunzel. So, we have tried those crazy hair growth products, tricks, and routines. With natural hair care, simplicity is key. The best way is to massage your scalp daily for 5 minutes. Massaging increases blood flow to the scalp so the scalp follicles can absorb more nutrients needed to promote hair growth. And to increase your hair growth faster you should be massaging with oil. Oils are rich in minerals that are antibacterial and antiseptic that will soothe the scalp, so it can function at its best. Examples of oils you can use are castor, olive, amla, peppermint, tea tree, or a mixture of all 4.
Do not be overburdened on your natural hair journey by doing a million steps.
Simplicity is key with your natural hair regimen.
Follow these 4 steps and you will see impressive results.
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