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Curl Detangling Shower Comb

Curl Detangling Shower Comb

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  • Gentle On Curls
  • Made With Acetate
  • Free UK Shipping

How To Use

Detangle your curly hair gently when wet. For great results detangle with conditioner on hair. Remember to always start from your ends and work your way up to your roots.

The Material

100% Acetate - An eco-friendly alternative to plastic.


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Easily & Gently Detangle Your Hair!

  • DETANGLING CONDITIONER COMB - Perfect to gently detangle your hair and get your conditioner to every strand.
  • ROUND WIDE TEETH - Glide seamlessly through unruly curls and massage scalp.
  • SHOWER HOOK - Easily hang in your shower after each use.
  • PLANT BASED - Made with acetate, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.
  • SIZE - 23cm x 6.5cm

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The Best Way To Easily Detangle Your Curls

Large wide teeth are gentle on all curl types and glide seamlessly through unruly curls.

Why Choose Curldo?

We are a haircare brand dedicated to providing inclusive and quality products for ALL curly hairdo's. Our goal is to help you protect, improve & preserve your natural hair. 

About Us

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